Hey, I am Annie and I capture the beauty & stories that are within all of us.

I’m not your typical photographer (if I may say so myself) I’m a rule-breaker, a rebel and a creator of visual stories that are anything but boring. My specialty lies in capturing the raw, unfiltered beauty of my clients in a way that is both emotive and empowering. Are you in for the journey?


Funny. Loving. Curious. Adventure seeking. Storyteller. Punctual. Thinker. Spiritual.


Back in 1998, I embarked on an adventure that led me to the vibrant streets of the London. With a degree in hair styling under my belt, I found myself thriving in one of the best hair salons in the country.

Fast forward to 2010, and my world expanded in the most beautiful way possible – I became a mum. Little did I know that this pivotal moment would spark a new passion within me. It was during those early days of motherhood that I first picked up a camera. Then, in 2017, I embraced motherhood for the second time, and my photography truly took flight. From capturing precious moments of newborns to creating lasting memories for families, my lens became a storyteller.

However, it was in 2019 that I discovered my true love – boudoir photography. There’s something magical about capturing the essence of confidence and self-love through the lens. Now, with a home studio of my own and the occasional breathtaking shoot in a stunning location house, I’ve found the perfect blend of intimacy and aesthetics. Join me on this visual journey, where every click of the camera tells a story, and where I strive to capture the raw, authentic beauty in every frame.

“I knew that I had found my dream path and suddenly everything made sense…”


I am here to shine a light on the shadows and capture all of you.

I specialise in capturing the raw, unfiltered beauty of my clients in a way that is both emotive and empowering. My photoshoots are not just about pretty pictures, but about self-discovery, confidence-building and celebrating your unique identity.

In the end, we spend more time criticising our bodies than celebrating them, it’s time to change that!


My insider secrets for photographing women in all their essence and beauty

Boudoir photography is an art that goes beyond just taking pictures. It’s about capturing the very essence of beauty and sensuality. It’s a celebration of confidence, vulnerability, and everything in between. It’s not just about looking, it’s about seeing – seeing the person, their story, their grace.