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Boudoir photography – My insider secrets for photographing women in all their essence and beauty


It’s me again, bringing to you another bundle of my heart and soul.

This time, it’s all about the intimate, the sultry, the endlessly beautiful world of boudoir photography. You’ve asked, and as always, I’m here to spill the beans, or should I say, the secrets?


Boudoir photography is an art that goes beyond just taking pictures. It’s about capturing the very essence of beauty and sensuality. It’s a celebration of confidence, vulnerability, and everything in between. It’s not just about looking, it’s about seeing – seeing the person, their story, their grace.

So what’s my secrets?

1. Setting the Scene – Comfort is Key

This isn’t just about fluffy pillows and pretty lights (though, yes, those are nice). It’s about creating an environment in my studio, your home, or the location house where you feel absolutely at ease. Remember, you are my canvas for capturing your true beauty, so the more you feel relax in my studio – the better.

behind the scenes, boudoir photoshoot, make up
BTS, make up

2. Lighting – The Magic Maker

Lighting, oh lighting! This is where the magic happens. Natural lighting works wonders. Im all about playing with shadows and highlights to accentuate curves and create an ambiance that’s both mysterious and inviting. I use natural light because of its softness and the way it dances across the skin. But hey, I don’t shy away from experimenting with artificial lighting to create different moods!

boudoir London, natural lighting
location house, boudoir experience

3. Connection – It’s a Two Way Street

Now, let’s talk connection. This isn’t just about you connecting with my camera; it’s about you connecting with me. We will chat beforehand to make sure we are a perfect match!


4. Posing – Guiding with Grace

Posing can be tricky, but it’s a crucial part of my photoshoots. My mantra? I will guide you, I won’t dictate. I will suggest poses, but let you adjust them in a way that feels natural to you. I will encourage movements rather than static poses – the act of reaching out, a gentle turn, a spontaneous laugh. These moments are pure gold.

posing boudoir
posing boudoir

5. Wardrobe – Less is More, More or Less

Wardrobe choices in boudoir photography are super personal. Sometimes, less is more; other times, more is… more! Lingerie, oversized shirts, or even just a sheet can work wonders. The key is to choose something that boosts your confidence. I always talk about this and will advise you of what to wear at our zoom call.

less is more, boudoir clothing
boudoir experience, info

6. Editing – I do NOT photoshop!

When it comes to editing, I’m a firm believer: enhance, don’t alter. The aim is to highlight the natural beauty, not change it. Soften here, brighten there, but keep the essence intact. Remember, we’re celebrating your real beauty, not creating an illusion.

Boudoir photography is an incredibly rewarding journey. It’s about creating a space where beauty, in all its forms, is celebrated and cherished. So let me grab my camera, and let’s capture some soul-stirring, breathtakingly beautiful moments, shall we?

Remember, im capturing not just your body, but your story, a feeling, a moment in time where someone felt absolutely, unapologetically, beautifully themselves. That, my friends, is the true essence of my boudoir photography.

Stay fabulous, Annie xx

Annie Brittain, boudoir photographer from Surrey, headshot



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