5 reasons why Personal Branding is very important

July 13, 2022

5 Reasons Why Personal Branding Photography is Important

Personal branding is important to any business because it helps your business grow into the empire you want it to be.

This means investing in professional personal branding photography is an essential asset to help market your business towards your target audience.

In this blog i’m going to educate you on what it means to use strong and impactful professional branding photography.

holding camera

1. Professional Branding Photography Gives Your Customer a First Impression — Good or Bad!

Ok so Imagine this scenario (Sorry in advance):

You are dying of hunger after a busy day so you decide to head to a restaurant close to your home that you know the food is great and healthy.

As you’re on your way there or in between you’re scrolling through Instagram and see a photo posted by a burger restaurant you follow of a photo of a juicy burger with crispy bacon and melted cheese in a perfect and fluffy bun (Like i said, sorry).

I’m pretty confident that your next thought will be “screw the healthy food, I am going to have that burger”

Noticed what just happened in your decision-making process.

You see a photo and you want what’s in the photo, it’s that simple!

We are visually orientated creatures us humans, we shop with our eyes.

Now put this situation in your personal brand and business and think about it!

2. Tell Your Story with Personal Branding Photography

Personal branding photography as part of the marketing for your brand helps to show your customers who you are and allows them to get to know you.

It’s a way to connect and build a relationship with your customers on a more deep and meaningful level, and create affinity that goes beyond your brand name.

3. Don’t Be Boring!

While a lot of other brands and businesses are using poor quality smartphone pictures (compared to a DSLR or Mirrorless camera) or stock photos to showcase their business, hiring a personal branding photographer allows for your brand to look more powerful and unique leaving a long lasting statement.

Make sure that you always keep your image library fresh and updated!

4. Increase Your Conversion

Im sure this section will get your attention.

If you want to attract attention and customers to your brand, you need to have an impactful first impression with your audience by having great personal branding photography.

Professional high-quality photos allow your customers to have a better understanding of you and allows them to look at your product or services.

Then you can easily convince your audience that you take your work, and your personal brand presence very seriously which they will appreciate and use in their consideration.

5. Personal Branding Photography is a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

The big question I have for you is, how much is your brand worth to you?

Just as you budget for your logo, website, scheduling platforms, marketing strategies and the list of other expenses, it is just as important to set aside some marketing budget for personal branding photography.

And it’s often overlooked and not even considered.

A lot of businesses don’t see personal branding photography essential.

Business owners and personal brands think their smartphones are good enough.

Is it though? Like really? i challenge you to compare the difference of a smartphone picture to a professional camera.

The list of specs on a professional camera will always destroy a smartphones.

Don’t disconnect with your clients by using poor, low-quality images across your marketing platforms.

In The End

There you have it, those are my 5 reasons why personal branding photography is important to building your personal brand and business.

Professional photography is something i hope i can motivate you to not overlook, it’s extremely important to your overall marketing strategy and growth.


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