5 tips for preparing your kids for the photoshoot

August 8, 2020

1. MAKE SURE KIDS ARE COMFORTABLE IN WHAT THEY ARE WEARING. If your child hates what they are wearing it’s going to show in the photos. That may mean scrapping that adorable hair clip or the sweet bow tie that just makes the outfit perfect…trust me, happy kids make better photos than accessories. Also, dress with the weather in mind. You want to make sure your child isn’t too cold or hot. Have all of your outfits picked out before the day of your photo shoot so you are not adding any more stress to your day.

2. HAVE EVERYONE FED AND BRING EXTRA SNACKS. It’s hard to calm down hangry kids! Make sure they’ve had plenty to eat before arriving and bring lots of extra snacks. Try to bring snacks that are small and not messy.


children photoshoot

4. TALK TO YOUR KIDS BEFORE ABOUT THE PHOTO SHOOT. Give your kids a head up before the day of the photo shoot about what we’ll be doing and talk to them about how much fun it’s going to be. If your child is old enough, set the expectation of how you would like them to behave during the shoot

5. LET YOUR CHILD SMILE NATURALLY! Ok parents…this is a big one!!! Resist the urge to say things like “Don’t smile like that, give me a real smile”. The best way to get a ‘real smile’ is to actually make your child laugh or smile. So instead of telling them how they should look I focus on being silly and eliciting genuine emotions from them. xxx