Confidence boosting session / Caz

September 8, 2020

When Caz (62) approached me about doing a confidence session, I was so excited about it. However I knew that there was more behind this than just wanting some professional photos. I knew Caz was ready to prove to herself and the world that SHE knows she is beautiful, as much as we all do, and loves every inch of herself.

It’s so common for women to struggle with self confidence.   For those of us who have, but want to overcome, it becomes a practice to embrace what we feel are our insecurities.  Looking in the mirror and choosing to focus on what we love instead of what we don’t love takes effort, and when we finally start to come out of that it feels kind of silly to ask someone to photograph you “just because”.  So I think we use excuses- we’re doing the boudoir shoot for someone else- is probably the most common.  

But I say why not?!  Why can’t YOU have gorgeous photos of yourself to have and to share?  After doing this photography thing for a while, do you know what I have realized?  People LOVE seeing you shine!  They LOVE seeing you share photos of yourself and celebrate YOU.  So really – no permission or excuse is needed to get out there and spice up the world a little bit!