How to feel confident in front of a camera?

May 19, 2022

Know Your Angles

Whether you’re a model, a blogger or a bride to be, standing in front of a mirror and taking some time to see what angles you prefer on your body is really beneficial. Obviously it’s my job as a photographer to guide you, but it will help you to feel more confident if you already have an idea how you like to look!

Get to Know your Photographer

If you’re working with a professional, take some time to read their blog (if they have one), check out their website and social media. They’ll become far less intimidating! If your photographer is going to be photographing your wedding, I highly recommend having an engagement shoot with them before your wedding (many photographers now include them in their packages) – it acts as a way for you and your partner to get used to being in front of a camera, and a great way to get to know your photographer better. It will mean that you have a much friendlier relationship come the wedding day, making the job easier for you and your photographer.

Ignore the Rest of the World

It’s so easy to let that little voice in your head take over when you’re having a photo taken. Whether you’re in a town full of people or in the middle of no where one on one with your photographer, doubt will start to creep in. You may feel concerned what other people think of you, or think you’re being judged, but I promise that most of the time people don’t even notice or they don’t care. In terms of the photographer you’re with, they really don’t mind if you feel shy! It’s our job to make you feel comfortable. So try to forget about the rest of the world around you and enjoy the process.

Understanding the Light

If you’ve ever worked with a professional photographer, you’ll know that we’re always going on and on about evening light. While it might seem strange that we want to photograph you at 8pm at night in the summer months, it’s totally normal. When the sun is setting, the light becomes far more flattering and soft. Avoid having your photo taken at midday – when the sun is at it’s highest in the sky. This leads to unflattering and harsh shadows on your face, so when you look at the back of the camera for a preview of how things are going, your confidence in front of a camera will fall. Stick to golden hour!

Wear Something that You are Comfortable In

If you’re not very confident in front of a camera, I highly suggest that you stick to wearing an outfit that you feel confident and comfortable in.