How to overcome Imposter Syndrome as an Entrepreneur

July 23, 2022

As a business person you might know that imposter syndrome is not a joke! And its got some funny times to show up, and when it dose it turns your life upside down! It doesn’t just show up when you are a newbie, oh no, it can also show up when you already achieved success and are established business owner.

No matter how much you achieve, Imposter syndrome can make you feel deflated!

Tell me, dose this sound familiar?

  • Why am I even bothered doing this job?
  • Are my prices too high?
  • What if I fail?
  • Will I be able to deliver the results I promised my clients?

Well, let me tell you, this is your Imposter syndrome talking! And it shows up uninvited and is taking power of your achievements!! And do you know what? Is something most people experience including myself! You are not alone.

But this is what really matters so hear me out. You now have 2 options, you can either let the imposter syndrome holds you back and suffocate you OR you can say, you know what, fuck it, and do your do anyway!

So how to overcome imposter syndrome?

There are few things you can do actually, I’ve searched the internet and here are my 5 fab ideas for you to try, so keep reading!


My friend once told me that giving yourself a little break is crucial! So I have been taking my self on the little walks at 6am where I can connect with nature and just clear my mind.

I’ve also downloaded a great little app Basically your private little mindset coach on your phone! And oh, the sleep meditation – refreshing rain – is just the best! Literally within 5 min I’m gone!

Annie Brittain

2. Feel the feelings!

Real talk? Experiencing imposter syndrome can be painful. I’ve had loads of crying sessions because of it, which is not fun. As uncomfortable as it is, we have to allow ourselves to feel those feelings. We have to acknowledge the pain. Avoiding it, ignoring it, or numbing it doesn’t do us any good, and it certainly doesn’t help us grow our businesses. So have your ugly cry and eat the ice cream in bed. Let it all out!

3. Learn the lesson.

Imposter syndrome means well (right?). It believes it’s helping you. It believes that it’s protecting you and keeping you safe. Instead of trying to fight against it, get curious about what message it’s trying to tell you. There are likely hidden messages that you’re not picking up. What does it want you to know? 

Once you get that message, you can respond to your imposter monster with love. You can say something like: “Oh, hey you. I hear you. I appreciate you looking out for me, but I’m going to do this thing anyway.” Humanise imposter syndrome and that will help you create distance between you and change its pattern!

4. Focus on your ideal client.

When Imposter Syndrome creeps in it makes you feel unworthy doesn’t it? Changing your focus to “how can I best serve my ideal clients?” will help you to pull out of the imposter syndrome and will let you get your focus back on track.

5. Surround yourself with people that believe in you and in what you do!

When Imposter Syndrome takes over you it’s really hard to believe in yourself so it’s very important to surround yourself with people that believe in you and know that you are talented, skilled and amazing in what you do!

I invite you to share this on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or any other platform like your website. You never know how much it might help someone else, I hope it has helped you.

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