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Your maternity photoshoot

HELLO and congratulations!

Congratulations on the incoming baby in your life, and

hello from me.

In the busy-ness of life, it’s not often that we set aside some time to appreciate what our bodies can do. Scheduling in a maternity session is the perfect way to celebrate the everyday miracles that happen during this

gestation process.

Even through the exhaustion, back pain, and the nausea, your body is making another human! If that’s not worth celebrating, then hell – I don’t know what is.

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A question that comes up a lot is, “when is the best time to book maternity photos?” This is an important one to get right – most people aren’t up for booking two maternity sessions in the same pregnancy. But the answer isn’t so clear cut. It’s different for everyone. So, how do you know?

As a rule of thumb, anytime between 28 and 34 weeks is a good time. But babies will arrive when they want to, so if you’re having twins or you suspect your little one might be making their big entrance into the world early, it’s safer to do it sooner rather than later. If you’ve been pregnant before, chances are you’ll show earlier, so you could book earlier. The earlier you book, the more options we’ll have with posing and location.

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What to expect

If you feel a little nervous, just know that this is totally normal. Most of us feel a little awkward in front of a camera!

During the photoshoot, don’t worry if you don’t know what to do. It’s my job to direct you so you don’t feel awkward or uncertain. Most people just automatically look at the camera and smile, but I’ll probably tell you to look out the window, or down towards your belly, or up to the sky. I’m sure you have lots of photos in your phone of you looking at the camera and smiling – I want this to be different.

I find that some of the most authentic images come when you’re absorbed in whatever it is you’re doing, whether that’s making your partner laugh, talking to the little guy in your womb, or picking flowers. I promise I’ll let you know when it’s appropriate to look at the camera. Until then, just do your thing and let yourself be however you want to be.

What to ware

How to prepare

To dress or not to dress… is always the question.

For maternity shoots, nude and raw images can be incredibly stunning, enhancing your expectant curves and featuring your blooming belly. But depending on how you want to remember your pregnancy and who you expect to see the images, there are a couple of things to consider.

If you want to keep your clothes on, here’s what we recommend wearing:

  • Maxi dresses
  • Dresses that have a high waistline or slit. Fabrics with lots of texture, like lace or sheer fabric
  • Long flowy skirts with a crop top or bandeau bra
  • Cozy, knit pieces
  • Usually the best route is to go with something that you know is comfy and fits well. Wear things that you’ve already worn before.

    We want you focusing on being you in front of the camera, not worrying about that itchy tag or the way the shirt rides up your back in a weird way.

    Depending on how your pregnancy is unfolding, doing a shoot could be really empowering or really exhausting. Sometimes, it’s a combination of the two. I feel confident in my ability to take gorgeous photographs of you regardless of whether we’re in your home or on the beach – but I don’t want to push you beyond your physical capacity. I’d rather play it safe so that you feel relaxed enough to focus on just enjoying yourself and capturing this super special time in your life.

    As a little precaution, it’s good to get the all-clear from your doctor. They’ll know how much you can exert yourself and we can plan our shoot accordingly.

    The day before the shoot, throw some things in a bag that will support you during our session. These things could be the following, or whatever else comes to mind.

  • Extra clothes for if the weather changes
  • Snacks and water
  • A portable speaker to get you in the mood
  • Hairbrush, extra makeup
  • Get In Touch

    If you’ve read all of this and you feel like you want a little bit more info, I’ve got a full comprehensive guide on this that covers it all! Just let me know and I’ll send it over.

    Here’s what I promise you:

  • You can change your mind at any point.
  • I will continuously check in with you to make sure you’re still comfortable.
  • I will listen. Please feel free to let me know about the borders of your personal space – I’m always happy to put a zoom lens on my camera if at any point it feels a little bit confronting to have a camera so close to you.
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    If you’re leaning towards your birthday suit, I’d advise you to moisturise your belly and stay tuned into your comfort levels.

    Hair, nails and make up

    studio maternity

    With your hair down, you get movement, romance, and some perfect slices of imperfection in the best possible way.

    If you’re not one of the lucky ones blessed with that pregnancy glow – or if you are but just want to take the opportunity to get pampered – I’d recommend getting your makeup done. Whether you’re doing it yourself, or whether you treat yourself to our professional hair and make up artist, it’s always a bit fun to get gussied up.

    Why not go get a subtle manicure while you’re at it? I’ll be getting you to frame your belly with your hands at least a couple of times during the session and being self-conscious about flaky nail polish or chipped nails is not what I want you to be

    thinking about.

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    In person / FaceTime consultation before your session,
    1-2 hour session at my studio or at the location,
    Zoom viewing,
    10 beautifully edited digital images

    Use of our wardrobe and free 'what to ware' guide

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    In person / FaceTime consultation before your session,
    1-2 hour session at my studio or at the location,
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    Use of our wardrobe and free 'what to ware' guide

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    Thank you

    Bottom line? I want this photoshoot to give you an opportunity to slow down and appreciate your

    own brilliance.

    If you’ve got to the end of this guide and you’ve got a few questions swirling around in your head that I haven’t answered, please pick up the phone and give me a call. I want you to feel at ease and prepared going into

    this session.

    Your photos are going to be amazing. I can’t wait!

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