Mum in the Photo

November 30, 2021

If you were to look around your living room, what would be your most cherished items?

Did photographs make your list? Often described as something people would save in a fire, pictures can be a powerful way to remember loved ones, precious moments and life changing events such as weddings or new family arrivals. Most of us today have a camera on our phone and are always busy snapping away, but gone are the days where we go, with excitement and anticipation, to the chemist to get our photographs developed and yet pictures give us so much joy. They are meant to be out and enjoyed for all to see.

Look around your room again. How may pictures have you framed and who has made it to that prime position on your shelf? Your other half, children, friends, your mother?

Pregnancy photoshoots

They are a popular choice for first time mums and it is amazing to capture the beauty, excitement and love already blossoming.

Mums want to show off their bumps and document this magical moment.

Once the baby is born, we snap away at those first moments with baby on mum’s chest and then as the days go on, photos of baby continue and mum disappears out of shot. Now this is of course because mum is probably the one taking the photograph as she is the one at home looking after the baby but that doesn’t appear to be the only reason why mothers disappear from the pictures. Looking back at my own photographs as a child, I noticed there were far more photographs of me and my dad than there was of me with my mother, and this got me thinking.

We take photographs because we want to remember that particular moment in time and cherish it forever.

So why do we deny ourselves the opportunity to be in the picture as mothers? When our children look back on these memories in the future, a hugely important person will be missing from the story, even though we were there. When our grandchildren look at the photographs they will never see that moment we wanted to capture in its entirety. And yet, if we were in those photographs then we would be looking back at those precious moments we shared with our children and see how happy and in love we were.

You may be thinking I can still feel that without being in the picture myself but turn it around and think of the photographs you have of you as a child. How many of those pictures should or could have had your mother in them and how much do you wish they did? Looking back at the few pictures I had of my own mother I felt a sort of loss. I wanted to be able to look back at my childhood and see my mother as I remembered her as memories do fade and I had nothing to prompt that recognition into action. I realised I didn’t want my children to wish that they had more pictures with me when they were older and that I need to make sure our journey together is captured. It doesn’t matter how old we are, we always need our mums so I plan to make sure I am always in my children’s photographs, no matter how old I am or they are and I think other mothers should do this too.

Mum in the Picture’ is a new project that focuses on mothers and their children at all ages. Old or young, I will capture your love and commitment to each other, in these studio based sessions, and provide you with timeless portraits that will be precious family keep sakes for years to come. I will take a series of photographs of you altogether in a relaxed setting so I can capture your relationships and interactions with each other.

There is no need to regret not having more photographs of you with your mother. Mums, there is no need to let your children wish they had more pictures of you in the future.

These photo sessions allow you to create some magical moments together which will be captured for all to see. Only child or several brothers and sisters, these photographs are aimed at anyone who loves their mum. Get in touch today so we can begin creating your photography session together.

Annie xx