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Personal branding is a relatively new term that is being used specifically to describe branding for small business owners. It is the ‘practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as a brand’. Each small business needs to attract exactly the right clients to survive and flourish . How you are perceived by your ideal clients is therefore critical and whilst we can’t control what people think, we can certainly shape it. And this is the role of personal branding. It provides the framework for communicating the WHO, WHAT and WHY of your business.

Annie Brittain

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Hi, I’m Annie!

I'm an award-winning photographer. Wife to a wonderful husband, mum to two children who are constantly making my heart flutter, and photographer - chaser of sweet moments, and of beautiful light.

My relaxed, natural approach is born from lifestyle photography. It’s about showing you and your business in the context of how it will be experienced by your clients and customers.

It’s time to show more of yourself. Let me help you be more visible and connect with your ideal audience to help you grow your business with engaging personal branding photography.

It’s all about the feeling you leave your clients with.

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Kind Words

"Attention to detail with the ability to bring a story and brand to life through the power of a photo. Brilliant service."

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It’s your time to SHINE and show people why they will want to work with you! Let’s showcase the strengths of your business with high quality, personalised images.

In preparation of your personal branding photoshoot we will spend some time to fully understand the values, purpose and point of difference of your amazing business.

The best images – the ones we don’t just scroll past - make us FEEL something. They encourage us to do something, to click, donate, book, order, sign-up, follow or call. And sometimes, they can change our outlook entirely.

Your image collection will consist of lifestyle shots, product and headshots - whatever is going to be the best way to highlight all your amazingness, that’s what we will do.

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your brand, your story told through powerful images

work with me

Kind words

first we talk, then we plan, then we shoot!

"Annie is brilliant. Not only is she a really skilled photographer who gets the best out of her subjects, she is also very good at making you feel at ease in front of the camera..I highly recommend her"

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My iconic personal branding process begins with a consultation where I architecting an unforgettable brand photography experience. My job is to guide you through a personal branding photoshoot and empower you by creating an iconic personal brand images that make you stand out. I believe in the power of photography and look forward to work with you!

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I enable you to design and master your unique and iconic personal brand experience sparked by your lifestyle. My mission is to architect, refine, and master your personal brand photoshoot. Together, we'll create an iconic personal brand experience reflective of what you value and stand for, images focused on your whole person, and a brand that represents a life of intention. I can't wait to be your greatest photographer and champion you!

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