Photographer on Repeat


If you're constantly refreshing your products, launching seasonally, or in need of fresh branded content all year long, then it can start getting expensive. I have the monthly solution for you. For as low as £75 a month you could have images every time you need them.


How it works

As your photographer on tap I help you produce consistent on-brand images so you can grow your online presence looking polished and professional.

In order to give you the best attention and have these affordable prices, the Photographer on Tap needs to be selected as a 3, 6, or 12-month service. And of course, it locks you in with the monthly fee you pick, so even when the rates go up, you are locked in for as long as you package lasts. 

Each month we'll work on what you need: consistent 10 monthly of your products? Maybe you have a launch ahead and need photos to be created for that specific marketing purpose? This is the awesome thing: every month we determine your needs and shoot accordingly.

The Photographer on Tap services starts the first week of each month so that you always know what comes next! You can sign up at any time during the month, and the service will start on the first of the following month

Branded photography to cover all your content needs

Branded photography to cover all your content needs

We'll shoot to match your brand and your aesthetics creating the perfect personality-filled shoot for your business needs.  Custom stock photos that are uniquely branded to you for your content and marketing needs.


For as low as £99 a month we will plan your brand's imagery creative direction according to your brand, then I'll create a photo shoot strategy to produce the content you need every time. 

All plans  include:


3 months

6 months

12 months





Questions and answers


How do I lock my price? 
Simply select your plan above and complete the booking process. Easy peasy.

Do we have a shoot every month?
Yep! Fresh monthly content for you my friend! Our months go like this:
Week 1 : I get your payment, you fill your planning form.
Weeks 2 & 3: Shooting time! I plan, shoot, and edit during this time.
Week 4: Delivery time! You get your fresh gallery during this week. 
Rinse and repeat.

What happens if I cancel before my service plan is over?
To keep the Photographer on Tap as an accessible service I require them to be booked in a monthly commitment of 3, 6, or 12 months. If you need to cancel your service within the first 3 months there will be a cancelation fee of £100, if you need to cancel past your 3 first months of service the cancelation fee is £300.

I have products, how many products can we shoot per month?
As many as you need! My recommendation is that you keep it at a maximum of 5 so you will at least have 2 images of each item in your gallery. We will asses your needs on a per shoot basis, but that's a good starting point!

What if I need images with models? 
Models can be booked for your shoot, but I do require a month in advance to get them on the calendar and there will be a fee of £150 per shoot we need the model. 

When do I receive my monthly images?
Your images will be delivered on the 4th week of the month :)

Where do I send you my products and how will the shipping work?
I'll send you my mailing address as soon as you book. Client is responsible for shipping to and from me, and of course, sending the products in a timely manner (during week 1) so I can shoot them (week 2+ 3) and deliver the gallery within the deadline (week 4). If you'll have the same signature products for the duration of your package, then I can keep them until your contract is over so you only ship once to me and once back to you. If there will be different products per month I will ship them back as soon as the shoot is over, unless you prefer not to pay for shipping back to you and leave the product with me.