Surrey Photographer Captures the Beauty of Life in Vogue

December 26, 2020

When I first picked up a camera a little over a year and a half ago, I never could have imagined that Vogue Italia – or any other publication – would have been in my future. Yet, in May 2020, I was honored by having a photo of mine featured in one of Italy’s most prominent fashion news outlets. You can imagine my surprise, being a modest Surrey photography, that a major publication would recognize any of my work. 

The image Vogue Italia chose is a personal favorite and, surprisingly, was from one of the first infant photoshoots I ever completed for a client. Before this beautiful boy came into my studio, I was still a fresh-faced newborn photographer, learning the ropes and coming into my own. I had only photographed five other babies at the time, but I kept improving my skills and trying new things.

My interest in photography really hit in January 2019. I wasn’t quite sure what direction I wanted to take my newfound hobby, but I knew that I loved being behind the lens. With my stepfather’s support, I was given the resources needed to better myself and improve upon my amateurish photography skills. The half-day photography course he gifted me for my birthday was exactly the inspiration I needed. To say it changed my life would not be hyperbolic as it was a major reason why I even continued to pursue my photography business and start offering family photoshoots. It provided me the opportunity to meet incredible people and eventually take the image of this stunning newborn.

I am consistently proud of the work I do and love the opportunities I’ve had to work with loving families like my own. Along with my Vogue Italia feature, I’ve also been recognized by the Guild of Photographers, International Kid, and Lensational for my strides in family photography. I continue to find ways to enhance my work, not for the opportunity to have it recognized by major publications, but to provide families with still memories that they can hold onto and cherish for years. 

Of course, the fanfare that comes with being featured in magazines certainly is a welcome perk for the work that I do.