Wardrobe essentials to look chic on family photoshoot

August 3, 2020

When planning a photoshoot with your family, the final image is likely going to serve a purpose. Maybe it will be part of a Christmas card, or you’ll frame it to mount on your wall. Whatever the reason, you want it to be a picture of a loving (and coordinated) family. Being in family photography, you see all sorts of mistakes when it comes to perfecting the wardrobe. To ensure your shoot looks as good as you want, here are a few tips for planning your family photoshoot wardrobe.

Matching is Out

Matching outfits aren’t a perfect look. It takes away from the overall image. Keep in mind, though, that just because you shouldn’t match colors and patterns doesn’t mean the wardrobe shouldn’t look planned.

Coordination Can be Everything

Instead of matching, try coordination. Think of a children’s photoshoot. You want their individual personalities to shine, but you also plan so that their wardrobes tie together. The same goes for family photography. Choose a color scheme, starting with two primary colors and adding softer accents that work well with them. For instance, you may start with blue as your primary and work in yellow and white accents. Your wardrobe won’t appear disjointed, and everyone will look like they belong in the same photo.

Think of Where It Will Hang

If you’re someone who loves when things come together, you’ll want to consider where the photo will be in your home. Try to plan your photoshoot wardrobe so that it blends nicely with wall colors and fits well with your home decor. Say it’s going to be a showpiece in your living room, which is primarily shades of blue. You really wouldn’t want your family in deep blacks as the two don’t complement one another. Choosing a family portrait wardrobe color that contrasts your home decor will ensure the picture stands out. 

Keep it Fitted, but Practical

Clothing that’s too loose simply isn’t flattering. A shirt that’s not comfortably fitted will show unsightly wrinkles and can alter body shape.

No logos please

Children may try to push to wear their favourite video game t shirt or a popular brand. Instead, make sure they wear something neat that isn’t covered with logos. Little logos are fine as they are easy to be removed in post processing stage.

How you want to dress for your family photoshoot is 100% up to you, but these tips will help ensure you’re satisfied with the end result. At Annie Birttain Photography, your local Surrey family photographer, I’m fully invested in delivering a quality finished product you want to show off.