August 28, 2020

Over the year and many conversations with my photography clients and women friends, I’ve realised there are some common behaviours that confident women exhibit, which I’ll explain in just a minute but I can’t help but ask; where do we actually learn confidence? In today’s digital-driven society, we are more prone to comparison than ever before. For example, how many times have you scrolled through Instagram and compared yourself to the girl with the career of your dreams? The woman who seems to have the perfect life? The fitness gal that never seems to struggle with her fitness journey? It’s natural to look and compare ourselves to the highlight reels we see on social media. And as we slowly approach the 2021, it’s really got me thinking of ways women can embrace themselves more; all of their authenticity, flaws, inner (and outer) beauty.

Confidence is our foundation but is there such a thing as a school for confidence?

I wanted to do something more my style when I created The Hot Tribe. More than the typical boudoir. I prefer bare feet to high heels, face paint to pearls, and the forest to the bedroom.

I wanted to start a movement where women felt they belonged to something special after doing a boudoir session with me. I wanted them to feel amazing, beautiful, carefree and free spirited.

Loved, comfortable, confident and spoiled!

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