When to book newborn shoot? When is the best time for it?

July 24, 2022

Week one and two of your baby’s life is magic. Of course all of the weeks are magic, but during these first two weeks, newborns are squishy, flexible, sleep more, and are still adjusting to the world outside of the womb.

Often, their skin is still clear, and their bodies are shaped as if they’re still in utero – making it easier to get them into position. In order for us to get organised for a shoot this soon after their birthday, I’ll need your due date.

In a lot of cases, babies will arrive whenever they want to and I couldn’t possibly expect them to abide by our schedule. But, once your baby is born, give me a call as soon as you can and we can lock in a time and date.

newborn baby

If you, understandably, have been spinning too many plates on the roller coaster ride of pre- and post- birth to lock in a date before the second week of your baby’s life, don’t worry. We can still make it work.

Older babies might be a little more resistant to the swaddle, or naps, or being held by someone they don’t know, but the success of older newborn shoots are completely dependent on the personality of your little individual. However, If your baby is nine weeks or older, I might tell you to come back to me at four months.

4 month old baby

Nine weeks – four months is a pretty complicated time for a baby’s development, as they’re still not able to hold their head or sit up by themselves, making it hard to get professional photographs of them in that time frame.

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