Boho Boudoir Shoots


The vulnerability of boudoir can be scary territory sometimes. But, as you’ll soon learn, with vulnerability comes intimacy. The kind of intimacy that we don’t often have a chance to capture in our fast-paced lives.

So, congratulations for prioritising your own needs, your own self-worth, your own body. When was the last time you set aside some time to really appreciate the body you’ve been living in? Our upcoming session together is the perfect way to set aside time for just this – an opportunity to embrace your entire self, and stick it to a society that tells you you’re not good enough. I am here to support you all the way. That’s why I’ve created this shoots. Crafted especially for you, it’s the key to you walking into your session feeling sexy, confident, and informed.

Sensual, natural, real

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Start thinking about what you love about your body. Reflect on why you’ve chosen to do this shoot. Imagine how incredible it’s going to feel to get the images back. Thinking about why you’re doing this shoot will help you balance out the (very normal) nerves that might come with the approaching shoot date.

How would you like your personality to be reflected in the images? Are you romantic or risqué? Classic or quirky? The answer to these questions will help you get excited about your shoot and drive the decision-making process about what to wear.



Where will we shoot?

I would love to shoot in a location that feels meaningful to you. This can be at home, my studio, in an AirBnb that reflects your style, or somewhere else entirely. The nature of boudoir requires us to book our session somewhere private. Sometimes, this means finding an indoor location. But, it doesn't necessarily have to mean that! If you’re lucky enough to know of any deserted locations, throw them at me! Alternatively, if there’s a really cute boutique hotel you’ve stayed at that you love the look of, let’s check it out together. I love any opportunity to work in new locations.

If nowhere comes to mind, don’t worry. My studio is super cozy but I’ve also got a list of amazing AirBnbs that we can look into renting for our session.

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Hair, nails and make up

With your hair down, you get movement, romance, and some perfect slices of imperfection in the best possible way.

The main reason we’re here is for your self-empowerment. If getting your hair and makeup done makes you feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin, do it. If you feel weird in a full face of makeup, skip it – or just keep it minimal.

If you do decide to get a little bit fancy, then I fully recommend getting your hair and makeup professionally done! If you’ve got a full mane, it’s best to wear your hair down – I have lots of great poses that involve running your fingers through your hair or tossing it around a little bit.

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The Annie Brittain Photography donates 5% of each session to Women Aid. Women’s Aid is a grassroots federation working together to provide life-saving services in England and build a future where domestic abuse is not tolerated. Your session helps other women change their lives.

My Packages

wild soul collection

special price £595

I'm going to keep it simple! Whether its your birthday, your gift to your partner or you just wanna show your amazing body to the world! Your confidence boosting session starts here!


1.30 hour studio/outdoor session, All digital images, 5 pages 8x8 photobook, £50 voucher towards wall art


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mini collection


This session is short and sweet. 30 minutes shoot (studio or outdoor). 10 hand selected and tastefully edited digital images, £20 voucher toward wall art.


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Thank you

Bottom line? I want this photoshoot to give you an opportunity to slow down and appreciate your

own brilliance.

If you’ve got to the end of this page and you’ve got a few questions swirling around in your head that I haven’t answered, please pick up the phone and give me a call. I want you to feel at ease and prepared going into

this session.

Your photos are going to be amazing.

I hope you’re as excited as I am!

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